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There is only one ME.

Each of us wear sooooo many hats everyday. All of those hats are different!

Here are all of my hats.

I am a daughter, friend, wife, mother,
Zumba instructor, Outschool teacher,

and homeschool teacher.

                                                              I am an only child.
                                          I had a brother who passed when I was 3, so when
                                        people ask if I have any brothers or sisters I say no.
                                        I have a few memories of my brother and always
                                               wonder what he would've been like today.


                                                                                         I met my husband in college.
                                                                                       This was my stroke of luck and my ticket
                                                                                        to a better life. My husband means the                                                                                           world to me.

I am the mother to a hemophiliac son. 
My son has Severe Hemophilia A. My 
brother also had this condition and it
turned out I was a carrier. Thanks to a
medication called Hemlibra, it's basically
like my son doesn't have this condition.
I try to remember to be thankful for
this everyday.

                                              I cannot live without Zumba.  
                                   I fell in love with Zumba (dance fitness classes)
                                     when I was trying to get pregnant with our first
                                  child. The music in Zumba can bring out so many
                                    raw emotions. My body and my mind literally
                                   cannot function correctly without it. If I don't do
                                    Zumba, I feel sluggish and tired and I am a grouchy
                                      emotional mess!

                                                                                       Outschool has changed my life.
                                                                                                 I plan to write a longer blog about this.                                                                                             Teaching on Outschool has allowed me                                                                                                        to interact with children in such an                                                                                                           awesome way! It is so cool that I can                                                                                                        teach children from all over the worl

                                            I NEVER EVER planned to homeschool.
                       This is another long blog post. When I first heard of homeschooling,
                          I didn't understand it and I vowed I would NEVER do it.
                       Fast forward 6 years and here I am homeschooling my two kids.

I am ridiculous.
I am silly. I like to dance,
and make jokes, and act
like a kid. I love to laugh
and have been told my
laughter is infectious.

                                                                                                  I want to learn about you! 
                                                                                              I made this blog and website to                                                                                                spark ideas and subjects of                                                                                                         interest and hear about your                                                                                                      experiences. I want to connect                                                                                                  with you, as so many of us are                                                                                                   experiencing the same                                                                                                               things.                                                                           
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