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How Many Ways Can You Play The Floor is Lava?

The Floor is Lava! How many ways can you play this game? The Floor is Lava! Where in the heck did this come from? I was actually able to find some articles on this topic! It is thought that the game originated in the 50s and 60s when the family room became popular in homes. The family room (sometimes also referred to as the living room) has lots of seating and in many homes today is a central area for playing, watching TV, and other recreational activities. Children are very good at coming up with a game involving whatever resources they have. No one knows exactly who or A simple game where you are doing something on the floor. It can really be anything. Most of the time in my version of the game we are dancing and moving to promote exercise (exercise in disguise!). Someone shouts, "The Floor is Lava" and we imagine the floor turning into lava. These prompts screaming and running to get off the floor. Aside from those ideas, the possibilities for this game are endless. This game is perfect to play on a rainy/snowy/indoors or for any day and for any reason!


Here are my TOP 3 WAYS to play Floor is Lava!! 1. Did you know there is a Floor is Lava song by the Kidboomers? Check it out on Amazon here!!

2. A Pillow Obstacle Course!

Let your kiddos grab every pillow in the house!

Tell them to put them all around the house but also tell them that this is their only way to be safe from lava! See how long they keep the game going and how they get creative with it! 3. Join My Class on Outschool!

What is Outschool? Simply put, if there is something your child is interested in but can't find an in-person class, or maybe there is a school subject you'd like to get some help, Outschool has it. It is a virtual world of classes for every subject you can imagine. Of course you have your language arts, math, and other academic classes. But what about a class on how to tie your shoes? A class about rocks and minerals? A class about weather, space, karate, art, the list continues. Your child can learn about their interests and meet students from all over the world who share their interests. You can check out my outschool profile right here!
What about the Floor is Lava? I have weekly classes for 3 different age groups: ages 3-5, 5-8, and 9-12! Each week we log onto Zoom and play a new version of Floor is Lava! That's right! Every week is different (unless we enjoy a theme so much that we want to do it again!). You would not BELIEVE all of the awesome themes we have! What makes it absolutely the best is when someone in the class thinks up a game! Here are the upcoming themes: Favorite Food Lava, Guess the Picture Lava, Ninja Lava, and Mr. Fox Lava! I'm telling you: the possibilities are endless! Come check it out! Here are the links for the different age groups!

PS: For the 8-12 class, I don't actually have a section scheduled. If you are interested in this class let me know!

PLUS: If you've never tried an Outschool class before, when you click on any of the links above you can get a $20 credit! It's $20 free to spend on any classes! See you soon, all! And don't step in the LAVA🌋

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