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North Pole Experience BOMB

As a Mom I love to plan. I think I would plan every single minute if I could. Then, said plan would be executed perfectly. I follow the plan. My kids follow the plan. No one complains. Everyone stays focused on their tasks. It all goes nice and smooth.👍

But we all know that isn't possible.

We went to the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff. I can tell you from what I noticed it was totally awesome. The part that I regret is I wish we would have not gone and switched our tickets to another day (if that's even possible). Why?

My son threw up that morning.

As a NEVER know when you are making the right decision! We had settled on not going and my son immediately burst into tears. He was so excited to see Santa and being 5 he is just starting to truly understand all the magic surrounding Christmas.

So we went.

I gotta tell you we will definitely go back! Even the boarding area and gift shop were awesome! There were picture opportunities like this and the entire boarding process was very efficient (thank goodness for my son who kept complaining his stomach hurt 🤕).

To go to the North Pole, you get on a "trolley" which was a nice heated bus. It's about a 10 minute right but super cool! You can't see outside the windows because you are going through a magic portal to get to the North Pole. This was honestly one of the coolest parts and we are still talking about how we went through the magic portal.

Once we got off the trolley, we got to go through a series of rooms in the workshop. First was the toy museum followed by a room to help make toys. Every child got to dress a bear to give to another child. There was a constant theme throughout of Christmas being about giving to others. It not about what we receive but what we give. I thought that was a very nice touch. 💖

When we were making toys I felt really bad for my little guy. He felt so sick he couldn't really focus on what he was doing. Another reason we should have waited. 

The next room was where the kids got to stuff a bear and they also had a dance party. Then they got to meet Mrs. Claus, and she gave them some mini donuts and hot chocolate. What is it about hot chocolate and the holidays that go together so well?? 

I also have to note that the hot chocolate was extremely kid friendly. The cup was not filled to the top and it was a nice warm temperature, but not hot. Makes me wonder if this was figured out from the beginning or did they have some spilling accidents that led them to make these changes.

Finally it was time to see  Santa. This was the part Jack was looking forward to the most. He gathered up as much strength as he could to see him, but he didn't want to get too close (for good reason!).

After Santa, it was time to get back on the bus to go into the magic portal back home. Santa also gave each child a nice bear so also enjoyed the ride. 

This was a totally awesome experience, but once we got on the bus to go back to our cars I was trying to hold back tears. I know many mothers feel this way but it seems like illness always happens during a vacation, or event, or something that cost a small fortune and lots of planning. This did not go as I had hoped. But daughter had a great time! I am planning to go back next year hopefully under better circumstances!

Please share! Tell me about vacation gone wrong with your kiddos! Comment below! 

Kate 🤩

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