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The Midnight Sugar Cookie!

I signed up my daughter up for a gymnastics program. Living in a small town requires local businesses to have lots of help from the community. I cannot imagine what it must be like trying to stay afloat as a small business, especially during this pandemic.

One of the requirements is that I volunteer two hours a month. This can be a variety of tasks: helping with meets, baking, cleaning, etc. As December is already busy enough I thought I'd better get going. I signed up to bake 2 dozen sugar cookies for the next week.

It's really funny how the thought process for a task like this goes:

🎅 1: Oh this will be no big deal. I've made so many sugar cookies before. No problem.

🐻‍❄️ 2: The next day: Hmmm...I'm supposed to make sugar cookies tomorrow. Huh. Wonder how I'll fit that in. I'll think about it later.

🤶 3. Later that day: Boy, I really don't want to make sugar cookies from scratch. But I can't buy them from the store. They are supposed look like Christmas stockings. (A child cries in the distance and the whole sugar cookie thought process is gone).

🎄 Morning of the day to make sugar cookies:

Ok there is no way I can make these from scratch. I'll stop at the store and buy a mix and some frosting. That will make it so much easier.

Hours go by.....

Goes to store and buys supplies.

More hours go by.

🧘‍♀️ Ahhh... finally time to sit down and...



I have to make sugar cookies?? Why did I agree to do that? It's 11pm! I was supposed to get them there tonight. Am I really going to start at 11pm? Come on! Am I really going to get up at like 6am to make them? Come on!

What if I just don't make them? Will anyone notice?

(Tries to relax on couch 🛋️)

FINE! I WILL MAKE THEM! I can't lie about it! I can't be a bad person. Here we go! I don't know where my stocking cookie cutter is and I'm not going to find it. I'll cut them with a knife. They will look fine!!

Some of them look like stockings. Some of them look like boots. Whatever! They are done!

🍪 The Next Morning!

(Frantically drives to gymnastics place).

(Plops cookies on the counter.)

At least they got done 👍


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