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The Polar Express

It's to totally time for the holidays! Many cities and towns throughout the USA have Polar Express train events! If you've ever been to one they are pretty cool! It's some version of boarding a train, listening to the story, drinking hot chocolate, and getting a bell from Santa. It's a pretty awesome tradition and one my family has done in the past few years.

The 2020 holidays forced everyone to think a little more creatively! As an Outschool Instructor, I wanted to bring the magic of the Polar Express train right into the home of Outschool learners. That's exactly what I did. I made an interactive Polar Express virtual event.

This class is called "The Polar Express: Pajamas, Dancing, & Hot Chocolate" and can be found on Outschool HERE!

This class is like having a Polar Express experience in your own home. We start off the class by making delicious hot chocolate! Then we reenact the story of the Polar Express by using narration, movement, and dancing. You might even hear from familiar tunes from the movie! After the class ends, learners are welcome to enjoy their hot chocolate and watch the movie to make a complete evening of holiday entertainment! Oh, and of course you should wear your jammies to the class!


What Is Outschool?

Simply put, if there is something your child is interested in but can't find an in-person class, or maybe there is a school subject you'd like to get some help, Outschool has it. It is a virtual world of classes for every subject you can imagine. Of course you have your language arts, math, and other academic classes. But what about a class on how to tie your shoes? A class about rocks and minerals? A class about weather, space, karate, art, the list continues. Your child can learn about their interests and meet students from all over the world who share their interests. You can check out my outschool profile right here!

 All Aboard the Polar Express!

Find the date in your calendar and make it Polar Express day! Wear your jammies all day! Have your kiddo make a Polar Express ticket! Read the story together! Attend the Polar Express class by clicking HERE! 

End the evening by snuggling in and watching the movie! And there you have it! A Polar Express tradition right in your home!

Questions? You can get to my Outschool profile RIGHT HERE! 
Click on the blue "message" button and get in touch! I'd love to help!🎄🎅

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